My first track has been processing for over twenty hours now. Seems stuck. Should I delete and reload? Please advise. Thanks!

  • 26 February 2015
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Uploaded track appears to be stuck on "processing."

2 replies

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Hey there Sleazy,

Thanks for posting on the forum. It looks like you have deleted the initial upload and re-uploaded the track. This time it went through properly. Correct? If so - perfect!

Sometimes, an upload can get stuck on the transcoding process - this can typically happen when the connected to our servers got disconnected. We can sometimes re-trigger the transcoding process from here to pull the track all the way through, however this doesn't always work. Re-uploading the track is then the best way to proceed.

Thus, I'd recommend for you to take a look at the basic maintenance steps outlined here should you run into a similar issue in the future.

Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.