My mix uploads seem to speed up

  • 23 December 2014
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Hey Folks, I upload some of my mixes regular, and all is well with the file when playing from a media player,but when I upload them to soundcloud they seem to be trying to catch up on themselves and glitchy.The same mix is then put up on Mixcloud the it plays there fine, any ideas?
(Traktor final scratch2, mp3, converted with real converter and amplified with Audacity)

1 reply

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Hey Chris,

Thanks for reporting this. Hmm, this is odd indeed. All of our users' uploads are transcoded to 128kbps mp3 audio for the purpose of streaming, even on devices with a slower internet connection. Thus, in some cases, a small loss in audio quality might be audible at times. However, from what I understand in your message, the tempo seems to switch and quality loss seems quite obvious, correct? If so, then this is certainly not expected behavior. Can you point me to the track URL so I can take a listen myself? If you have enabled downloads, the file others can download is exactly the same file that you have uploaded. If that's the case, I can go ahead and look for further clues.

Looking forward to hearing from you.