My Uploaded Tracks Will Not Play Even After Months and Months of Being Uploaded................

  • 16 August 2016
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I uploaded 7 or 8 tracks, I don't remember how many now. But that was several months ago. Anyway, the tracks never did play, (the site said they were "processing"). Well, I contacted Sound Cloud support and I explained the situation. We went through all the things that it might be and we never did figure out what was wrong. In the meantime, I got rid of my old, broken down, on it's last leg, Windows 7 computer, and bought a brand new Windows 10. I can't upload my songs again because I don't have my photos on the hard drive to my new computer yet. And, since I don't drive a car, this may take some time to arrange. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you guys know re. the situation, to see that things are looking up. I can always call the computer repair store tomorrow and have them come to my apartment and pick up both of my computer towers at my apartment, to speed things along. So, there you have it. I might not even have to take the towers in. It may be able to be done with a USB cord. Who knows?

2 replies

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Hi Gina,

Thanks for the update. I've looked into our previous conversation and also looked at your account settings again. Unfortunately, the source files - the files that you've uploaded - are corrupted. When testing the tracks over here, I heard a loud distorted noise at the very beginning of the track, and nothing afterwards.

Hence, I'm afraid the only way to get this sorted is if you could get the audio files again and upload them to your account again. I would recommend to try and upload a test file - maybe as an .mp3 audio file, to make sure the upload function does work in general for your account, and on your current computer.

All the best
Thank you for replying to my problem. I don't have any .mp3 files of my music. All I have at the moment are .wma files. I will have to have .mp3 files made. Again, thanks for responding.