no upload button

  • 27 September 2016
  • 7 replies

i am an Unlimited Pro subscriber and my upload button is not on the dashboard at all....its just a record do i fix this?

7 replies

Can't help resolve but I have the same issue on my laptop while my desktop is OK?! The laptop was fine but a couple of weeks ago the issue appeared and I can't correct it. I mailed SC and got a reply to try forums, which is why I'm here, and if I couldn't resolve to get back to them , which I haven't done. It would be nice to get a solution. ( I'm a pro user)
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Hi there,

Please run our basic troubleshooting steps to solve this.
I am also a experiencing the same, There is no Upload button at the top , only Record. I am a pro user. I can not find anything in the basic trouble shooting steps or this forum. Please help someone, I need to set a private link ASAP
same for me@NightWolfUK
meeee 2 wtf?
I have had this same problem...and it comes and goes. Awhile back it was gone, then it was there again and I used it and now today I have used it to upload one song, but now it's back to "Go Pro" and "Record" instead of Upload. Anyone actually have an answer as to why this is happening?
I feel like this shouldn't be a problem whatsoever