Not receiving the notification when someone reposts my song

  • 27 April 2018
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So previously i thought that maybe reposts weren't actually registering when someone reposts my songs but now i can see from the stats page that it has actually registered and been reposted and i can also see who actually has reposted it from there aswell. But the problem i have now found is in my notifications (from the bell in the top right). That problem is it doesn't show when someone reposts my song, but its strange because i found maybe for the first 30 minutes after i have uploaded a song it shows me the repost notification but soon dissapears from the notifications after and i have checked and its not because the person has unposted it because they haven't(i have checked this). It also doesn't show when someone that i follow has reposted my song on my timeline/ the stream section on the home tab ( which i did before. an example of this is if someone i follow reposted the song 15 minutes ago and on the stream page it doesn't show this for me even after i have reloaded the page. 😕

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