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  • 16 February 2018
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Hi everybody!
I was forced to create a fake account to write this topic and to inform the public and also to get in contact with a moderator or support so that i have the chance to speak about some things!
You must know that im now about 4 years on soundcloud, i had till last week seriously 3 years a pro account and been so stupid and payed year4year my 100 euro.
Now is the situation in this way that soundcloud brought me in the last month nothing but trouble.Not only that i sent tickett for tickett cause i searched for help and looked to find a solution for my issues that i had and the only thing that i get from the side of sc is NOTHING-my issues alltimes stays the same and it getting worser and worser so that i was at last so desperate and helpless that i sent a message where i talked about to beating the first one of the sc-worker that i will met when i get to berlin their theeth out of their mouth.. this brought me a report from side of sc by the police in my hometown and at last a very hard conviction on court! I know that my words that i wrote wasnt correct or legal and i realy regret this at last, but i also wanna let you know that im normaly a very fair and calm type of human being and this not typical for me.But i was so abset about the treatment from side of sc to my person that i made this failure.
Idk if you can imagine how you feel when you sent hundrets of ticketts and the only thing that you get from the support is that your issues doesnt change or been solved - absolutly not! And then they sent me after every new inquiry for help a request to rate their support and their work.Can you imagine how a man feels in that moment and what kind of mockery beating you straight in your face? Its the same like when anybody spit in your face and you idiot pay him for that 100 euro in the year in the same time!
Im a realy cool guy and it takes a while till i freaking then out and in this way i did at last the failure and wrote this mentionend threat.. i know that it was wrong..but isnt normal when you searching day for day for any help by somebody where you been over 4 years a good customer and always act correct and hold the rules so good it was possible and then you get from the people that you payed year for year this kind of tratment????
What kind of request for a rating they have when i running weeks behind them and they give me nothing then pure mockery and a spit in my face and at the same time my issues didnt change or stop in anyway..i think that every being at last freaking out and doing this kind of failures that i did and for that i payed very hard!!!
Is this kind of treatment of a human being in anyway fair or correct? And is out there anybody who can understand my reaction after all this experienced? i think so or better to say i hope so, because in a otherwise world i couldnt live anymore...i even couldnt breathe if this would be a normal treatment of other people and especialy from people that you pay year after year and alltime gaving your best so that nobody can say that you do anything again their rules or things like that...
So you think thats now all? Its very sad and im shamend about the fact to say that is NOT ALL!
How ever these people from sc think about me or judge over me , they definitly judge me wrong! How can it be that all my good behaviors and tryings would been ignored and forgotten all the years where i always acting correct when it was in my power and so far it was possible for me?
what i have done at all to earning a treatment like this? apart from my misstep... what?
I know that im maybe sometimes an uncomfortable customer..but i realy do not expect to much, just only a minimum of a customer support, especialy when i pay these people! Is this to much? I dont think so...
But now it goes in the next round...After 4 years my pro account runs out - it wanst simply not possible for me to pay the next year till yet..and so im gaded down to a possible minimum upload time of 3 hours... Fact is that i uploaded exactly 2,208 minutes, what seriously means 2 hours and 21 minutes..(when im wrong anybody seriously can
improve me) But its a fact that im in the same way deleting a few songs to creating enough room for a new single upload(till im able to pay my yearly 100 euro) and anyway of that the system of sc told my used uploadtime (2,208minutes) and dont allows me to upload a new song!
To reach anybody of the support is for me ,like you meanwhile know, not possible..
to create a tickett is for me also not possible ( i dont know if this have to do with my missed membership)
So my last chance to get help would be to create a topic in the community.. but what can i say: This also is not possible for me! It seems that the anyone of the moderators blocks me for this opportunity...
With what kind of rights they acting against me? And why they forbidden me the same rights that they give in same way to all other people?
It is maybe the fact that im -like previously mentioned; a uncomfortable and a critical customer? How they think on wich law or legal rights they acting against me and going on and forward to treating me in this way? Have i not the same rights like all other people? what i am for them..a animal or a lower level of a human being? helpless and in the backround grows the fear that i could be at last blocked or suspended for ever and that only because i create this shit of fake account to reach somebody with a little bit of heart or understanding for my situation..
thats it! now you know what they do with you when you doesnt hold your mouth or reach for help by them..thank you soundcloud!

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