Nothing Happens

  • 11 April 2018
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I have tried numerous times to upload tracks to SoundCloud, but when I try to access my tracks, there's nothing there. Is there something I'm missing?

4 replies

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What format are the tracks you are uploading? They should be an audio format such as WAV, AIF, MP3 etc. If you are using the propriety format for a DAW or editor app that won't be something SoundCloud can play. You need to bounce/export the project to an audio format.
I'm trying to upload a file from Logic ProX. I can get it on i-tunes. I've saved the file as aiff,
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Hey bob - woopwoop, it looks like you've successfully uploaded your first track - congratulations! The previous files seem to have been .aff files rather then .aiff (I have no idea how this could happen, given a google research for .aff leads me to forensic software rather then audio files), which is why our encoder could not properly display your audio.

Let us know if you had to hack the system in a specific way to get this to work, and keep 'em coming.

Part of the problem may have been with Logic Pro. The export choices are deficient. I don't know why the files were translated into AAF either. I'm new to Logic (I usually use Digital Performer for sequencing)so maybe I'll get to more options. I ended up dragging the file from iTunes into SoundCloud. Seems to work.