Old SoundCloud Go tracks added to account?!

  • 27 November 2017
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On the Soundcloud profile of Tube & Berger, 3 year old releases appeared as the first entries on their page. Due to the fact that these tracks are available on Soundcloud Go+, I could not just remove them: an info pop up said that I have to contact the label so they can remove those tracks. However, the label also has no idea why they appeared out of nothing as the first entry because they didn't file anything like this. They couldn't help me with this.

I do not want these tracks listed on the profile therefore I want to know how to get rid of them, or how to put them to the "Tracks" section in a chronological order.

Hope you understand,

1 reply

I have a smiliar issue. It's really annoying and the label on my side already sent two tickets to Soundcloud to change that behaviour.
SC said I should contact the distributor. The distributor said I should contact SC. What the hell?