open link to a soundcloud track on android without forcing listeners to install the soundcloud app

  • 18 November 2017
  • 1 reply

Hello, my english is not the best!

Since hours I'm trying to link one of my soundcloud tracks on facebook and it works fine but the problem is, when I try to listen to this song from my S7 handy I always have to instalt the soundcloud app first and without that the song url won't opem. So that means, that everybody who wants to listen to my soundcloud tracks from facebook, have to install the soundcloud app first. But if I click on that link from my laptop, it opens the song without problems!

I tried with private and puplic settings and with frame codes, too, but everytime I will force to install the soundcloud app first if I like to open that song from my handy.

So, my question is, how much I have to pay, that normal people from facebook can just click on links to my soundcloud songs with their handy without to be force to install that app first? Nobody wants to install apps only for listen to a song!

1 reply

Really funny, I installed the soundcloud app on my S7 but still the Play Store opens instead of the song if I click on a soundcloud link in my facebook timeline! A friend tested, too, the same! 😃