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Hi There, it says I am out of upload time, but the number of tracks on my profile don't even add up to an hour? Why won't it allow me to upload new tracks? I have already deleted most of my previous tracks and should have about two hours available.

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Hi there, looks like you managed to figure it out. Perfect!

Hi M, Thanks for the response, even though it took a while. I have had the problem before - even when I delete older posts, log out, reboot and log back in, it keeps telling me I am out of time - when, clearly, I am well within the three-hour limit. This time it took me almost two hours and several reboots before it allowed me to post.

What could be the cause and what is a quicker solution?

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I pay for this service. Why does it take more than 5 minutes for me to be able to upload more music?

I expect more from you guys.
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I have a PRO ACCOUNT. This is not pro at all.

I'm trying to send tracks to people and get feedback on them.

It says I am 1 minute over my time. I've deleted over 30 minutes. It still says I am 1 minute over my time.
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in the meantime I will use the upload classic.
Thanks for the classic link. It kept saying I was 2 minutes over. Deleted 3 songs, same thing. Classic worked great.
Indeed, Classic has saved my bacon as well