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  • 14 February 2018
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I signed up as a Patreon supporter this morning, how do I access the bonus material? I have an RSS code thing, but I can't find anywhere to enter it?

3 replies

Can someone please answer this? I've been searching for more than hour now, but all the results I see are for creators. I just want to listen to the bonus episodes I paid for and that's basically impossible on Patreon's astonishingly bad website
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Hi there,

Hmm, I am not entirely sure I understand what you're referring to. Can you share a link or website where the bonus content is advertised, or where you made a purchase so other members of the Help Community can better understand the issue?
I'm not sure if my question is the same, but I am a Patreon supporter of a few podcasts, and they offer an RSS feed link we can copy and then paste into our favorite app. I just can't seem to find where to enter an RSS link for someone who is not a creator of the podcast.