Playlist Won't Save Soundcloud Pro

  • 31 July 2016
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I have Soundcloud Pro with unlimited uploads (as I understand it). I have tried to upload a playlist today three times - even rebooted. I get the "save" button. It turns gray telling me it is saving. Then I'm back to the page with the save button again. I check my playlist, and it isn't there. Hmmmm

5 replies

I downloaded Moxzella Fox Fire and updated Flash Player again. It worked once.
I'm having the same issue with uploading multiple tracks to a playlist. 17 tracks and it won't work...and I pay the full rate for SoundCloud Pro.
Is there going to be a "fix" for this problem. The reason I am paying for Soundcloud is to be able to upload multiple tracks to a play list. This worked for over a year. Now, I have to upload and add 22 tracks to a playlist and upload an image I want 22 times. Why am i using Soundcloud then?
It did work, but it took a lot of time. It is an audio recording of a Catholic Mass with 25 tracks. I didn't get the picture I wanted either. But, it did work. I really hope the glitch cures itself. Thanks.
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you've been having troubles with uploading playlists. If this issue continues after applying basic troubleshooting steps, please try and see if you can upload your tracks first, then create a playlist afterwards. The result will be the same, essentially, and it will help isolating the root cause.

Let us know how it goes.