Podcast Image on iTunes still old artwork

  • 21 March 2019
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Hello, I am having trouble with iTunes not accepting my new artwork for my podcast.

I had an old podcast on my soundcloud page which I deleted. I then uploaded my new episode with new artwork.

iTunes accepted the new episode, a new logo for the episode itself but the main cover is still the old one.

I have tried to get it changed to the new one. The logo on Soundcloud is 3000x3000 dimension and is 360kb which I have read needs to be under 500kb. The last time I updated this was around 3/4 days ago.

On podcast connect it is saying it has failed validation but it it still on iTunes under Offstage.

I re-edited the title of the podcast, the name of the maker etc and uploaded a new image again to see what had happened. Everything else changed within a few days apart from the main image.

The URLis

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Many thanks,


1 reply

Have you had any luck resolving this issue? I’ve read several posts that claim to have solved the issue but they don’t help. I’m still dealing with the problem