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  • 9 October 2019
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I have been paying for a pro plan the last few months and i really enjoyed being able to see who was listening to my songs and where they were located. However, i didnt have much money towards the beginning of the month as i had rent due. I recently tried renewing my pro plan and there is only the pro unlimited plan displayed. Am i doing something wrong? I cant quite afford the pro unlimited plan as i am a full time college student balancing tuition and cost of living with a minimum wage job. I apologize for not having money in my account sooner but i tried to get it back as soon as possible. In addition to not being able to afford pro unlimited, it doesn't really offer me more in terms of my interests as i only use it to further connect with my audience.
Please help me out,
Logan Stephenson

2 replies

Im going through the exact same issue and soundcloud has yet to respond both by email and on twitter. What i assume is happening is they want to get rid of the pro plan and only have the pro unlimited available. There is only one way to get a standard pro plan now and its as a full year subscription gift, they don’t offer monthly pro plan payment and its not even offered on the website anywhere else (even though it claims there are different types of pro plans). This is incredibly annoying and stupid.  


Soundcloud Team Toll-Free Number: +1(844) 235-2744

They told me to go to a convenience store to pick up a subscription card (similar to itunes, Xbox) and said there is no online payment option for soundcloud pro (standard pro).