PRO users "replace file" option to swap audio DOES NOT reflect changes on mobile app

  • 9 February 2017
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With my pro subscibtion I have the option to replace an existing audio file with a new one while maintaining all of its stats. For the two tracks that I've replaced, the app doesn't update them. The regular website does but not my mobile app. Is there anything I can do to update them?

26 replies

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I know this question already has a thread, but it was made nine months ago and people are still agreeing that they all have the same problem today. After SoundCloud said "our engineers will work on it" NINE months ago!
This problem should become a top priority!
Or at the LEAST, the replace file option should become free until it WORKS.
I shouldn't have to tell listeners to delete and reinstall the app in order to hear the new version.
SoundCloud, you are HUGE.
Do better.
I'm having the very same issue. This is bad as many are listening to songs via the App. Any word from sound cloud? I think it's time to cancel pro sub
I too am having this issue. It's unacceptable that the only solution is to delete and reinstall the app.
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I am pro user for five years. I have been an influencer in Memphis and have helped recruit and grow a strong SoundCloud community. This bug is unacceptable. Please let us know if this will be addressed or not. Not responding to this issue is also unacceptable.
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You can delete the app and reinstall on your phone and they will update. But you shouldn't have to tell your listeners to do this. SoundCloud please make this a top priority! People have been asking for almost a year.
I also need help with this same issue. I am attempting to replace a track with a flaw but cannot get past the coding screen. It freezes remains in the coding state and never replaces the track. Please assist.
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Hi there,

I've reported this to the relevant engineering team again. Can you please confirm whether or not pulling from top to bottom to refresh the app, refreshing your app data cache helps, or only reinstalling helps?

Whatever they do - DO NOT remove this option. It allows us to preserve the play count when we're making a minor change to a song and uploading the new copy.

I can confirm this happens. On iPhone app, the track or playlist still shows the old photo and plays the old file, even though the duration indicated is for the newly-uploaded file. (It does not happen on the IFRAME embedded version of my playlists and files which I have in my web site — they update properly.)

However on my iPhone the app doesn't have the "3 horizontal lines" (the "menu" option usually what those lines mean), so I can't do this.

Instead on iPhone, I went into the phone "Settings" app (the gear wheel icon on home screen), scrolled down to "Soundcloud" then found "Clean database" and "Clean image cache" sliders. I slid them to the "on" position, then quit and relaunched the SC app. This refreshed my playlist's icon (which I had changed) but the duration still showed new duration (2:35 in my case) and the file that was played was still the old file, and it quit playing at 2:02 which was the previous duration.

So uploaded file still doesn't play on iPhone app.
Honestly I've seen this same problem repeatedly reported in this forum for the past year. I don't understand why it is so hard for them to just fix it. I honestly have serious doubts in their ability to hire an engineering staff if a problem as simple as this is still lingering around after a whole year.
same issue here. still happening, been this way for MONTHS.
Hi there,

I've reported this to the relevant engineering team again. Can you please confirm whether or not pulling from top to bottom to refresh the app, refreshing your app data cache helps, or only reinstalling helps?


Has been happening to me for a year now. I've done app updates, cache clearing, refresh (pull down), changed the url on the track when updating. The only way to get the updated track to play on the mobile version is to delete the track completely, which is obviously not what anyone is trying to do. Other users who find the track (first time listeners and followers) will get the old version even if they have never visited your profile, I've checked by asking to use random people SC apps This topic has been on the help forums for over a year now. This is a massive issue.
pro users have the luxury of editing tracks and swapping the audio of released songs by clicking "edit" on the track, then clicking "more" and in the top left corner there is an option to "replace file" or swap audio for the sake of previewing and revamping mixes. This PRO perk has proven to be useless because any changes that the user makes DO NOT reflect in the mobile app...which is where the bulk of the listeners are. This should be fixed or take the feature away because it does not serve its purpose completely or in the most effective and necessary areas. My question is if there is a setting on the app where you can refresh the app or something of this nature that would reflect changes made to songs posted at least by artists that you follow or at least have the change reflect on mobile for the users that follow the artist.
does anybody know how this works with people who have yet to listen to the track?

for example lets say i upload a track, and replace it and a listener has never played the track before the replacement will it play the new version or the original?
I second this, SoundCloud, fix this problem.
I know the SoundCloud app stores previously listened to songs as cache, but the problem is honestly as simple to fix as sending a get request to see if the song has been updated or not and if not then it updates the user's music track stored in the cache.
Send a "get request"??
Not sure what that means, can you be more specific?
Thank you! I was about to upgrade to pro to use the "replace" feature, but now I won't because of this thread. Thanks for saving me the headache. Soundcloud, you should be ashamed for having a service that doesn't deliver what it says, and for not fixing it for 2 years. That's just blatant dishonesty and false advertisement. If I'm wrong and this has been fixed I apologize. Please reply and let us know if this has been fixed!

I recently upgraded to soundcloud pro and replaced all of my audio files for each song. However, the new versions of my songs only appear when I'm on the computer. When I'm on the mobile app it still has the old versions.
Also having an issue, looks like it's been an issue for over a year....time for an IOS update GUYS!
I have had this problem also with the mobile app, it seems to sometimes do it with my computer :0
can you please fix this?
I wish I had read all of these before today, I just paid $63 for a one year "pro" deal, simply because I wanted to be able to change one track that I had uploaded and shared on Facebook, if I had known that it was not going to work I would've never had paid the $63, how do you get a refund from these people?? They are obviously not going to fix the problem, Technically speaking, it seems like it would be very easy to fix!
Has this been fixed?
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I agree that this feature should be automatically implemented on the mobile app. It's another negative aspect of the way Soundcloud operates their pro user experience.

To answer your question go into the app and click the 3 horizontal lines (settings icon) in the top right, next to the heart. Then choose BASIC SETTINGS and then Choose "Clear Application Cache"

After you do that, completely close the app and then reopen.. You will then hear the changes reflected... HOWEVER, who the hell knows when the average listener will hear the changes and how often the app refreshes the cache...

Hope this helped!

We had same problem and FOUND THE SOLUTION without soundcloud help because they never answer ...

>>>> it was email confirmation problem !!!

checkout your PRIMARY email, must be valid and confirmed ( as PRIMARY email )

and the "replace file" comes back black again 🙂 uffff
cheers and come to listen our productions !
greets from France 😉