Problems with Transcoding Quality!

  • 2 February 2017
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I don't know why, everytime I transcode my music to Soundcloud the encoding makes it look awful (high frequencies for the most part). I know about the transcoding that SC makes, but there are no signs of transients in the waveform of my music(the high pillars).

When I compare my song to others in wav files, it sounds really good though.
Already tried bringing the threshold margin down to -0.7 ~ -1dbFS to give some headroom, but it doesn't solve. I studied a little bit the mixdown from professional engineers and I discovered that most of the eletronic songs have a "brickwall" EQ (if that even exists") around 16khz, and few EQ's can do that (like Izotope), so I started using that.

Here it is my song on SC:

The original wav audio will be attached at the end.

A song for comparison (notice how the waveform is not that linear):

Can someone kindly explain what am I doing wrong?!
Best of Regards.

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Hi there,

Hmm, there is no audio EQing or audio compression added when your files are encoded into 129kbps mp3 stereo audio files. There is, however, an interesting article on the subject over at iZotope - maybe a good read and a start for you?