Processing your track for playback...infinitely

  • 30 April 2019
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I tried replacing the file for one of my tracks (Soundcloud Pro feature) but whenever I upload the new file it gets stuck at "processing your track for playback" and goes on infinitely and never uploads/replaces the track, even when I do a small file and when I try different browsers and when I try doing .wav and .mp3

Soundcloud please fix this; I didn't pay the Soundcloud Pro fee just for this feature not to work.

8 replies

This is a problem i have been having all day today, I used a regular wav file that was about 2 minutes in length, and it just processes forever. ONLY TODAY THOUGH.
Yeah same problem. Stuck in processing infinitely with no upload...
Same problem for almost 8 hours now
Same here! Not a new problem it looks like, reports stemming back 4 months. Guess that's why other services cost more, might be worth it to invest in Libsyn account after all.
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Hi there,

Apologies about the troubles with this - our engineers let us know that there was an issue with uploads being stuck in processing, which has now been solved, so you should be all set.

Thanks for hanging in there & all the best

im having this problem right now :/

Same here - processing without an end.