Profile suddenly empty

Hey guys,

My profile ( is suddenly empty. I just noticed that. No repost, songs, or anything.

Did anyone have the same issue recently? Any hint or ide welcomed.

Thanks in advace,

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Hey, yeah I just logged on a moment ago to listen to some liked tracks and noticed that everything from liked tracks to following/followers is missing.

Also keep seeing the "something went wrong" error. No solutions yet, waiting on soundcloud support.

In deed i have... i can still see playlists i've done with others tracks but i cant see any of my tracks or followers
Servers probly fucking up
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Same here aswell, thought id been hacked for a minute
I have the same problem
I just realised it is not just my profile. I was listening to Nastia Reigel earlier today, and music stoped mid set. I just now realised that it was not my internet bugging out, Soundcloud server stoped working. lol Thanks a lto for answers guys. Hope the service goes up soon.

P.S. Happy new year and all the best.
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interesting thing is when in stats the stats are there,but click on a track and its not there,asin it has been deleted
I literally just had this problem and came to support, maybe it hit more than one user at once?
I don't upload any music at all, but my likes are gone?!? I only have liked playlists left... I need help asap
wait nvm now 31 of my 200 songs are back
that's still USELESS, If they don't fix this Soundcloud is DEAD
Same issue...stats and profile there but says CAN NOT PLAY tracks..Or when I got to a track I just played it now says can't be found. Hope they resolve this soon!
same issue all my originals songs are not there any more
It's funny but i also has the issue song was playing then all my songs went poof....gone!!!! But i can play all my songs with no issues on my phone. So i guess this is just something related to using Sound cloud on your desktop. They need to fix this asap as a lot of the songs i listen to are only available on Sound cloud. UPDATE: All my songs are now back up and running it seems.
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all back now hopefully
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It should come back eventually, I had the same problem not an hour ago and they're now back. Everyone was saying the same thing today so luckily its not just a few people
3 songs left out of my 500, I really hope this gets fixed soon.
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Hi everyone,

Just to close this off - there was an outage that affected large parts of our platform at the beginning of the year, as stated on our status blog. This issue was resolved so your accounts should be back to normal now.

Thanks for hanging in there!