Proving Permission for a Remix

Is there a way for my co-producer and I to warn SoundCloud before we post a remix that we have permission? We have two strikes on our account from mistakes over 2 years ago when we were younger and uninformed, so now we are walking on eggshells to make sure our account does not get suspended as we have built a steady and reliable fanbase on this platform. We have permission to create a remix, and we are almost finished with the remix. We want to post it to SoundCloud, but we are worried that if we post it without SoundCloud seeing proof of permission, our account will be suspended and it will be left up to the dispute claims. We would like to avoid the trouble of that any way possible by proving we have the permission beforehand, is there a way for us to do so? Or do we just have to bite the bullet and post it, then dispute if it gets removed.

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