Quality problems, tempo change

  • 5 June 2016
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I recently uploaded a project of music and all the songs quality is significantly lower than what I expected it to be so my first question is what is the best way to upload to soundcloud? Also all the songs in my project sound like they are sped up compared to the original versions as if the tempo was changed when it gets uploaded so I'm wondering what the problem is with that.

1 reply

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Hi there,

Hmm, the change in tempo is new to me. What format are you uploading?

Other than that, all of our users' uploads are encoded into 128kbps mp3 audio files, i.e. a compressed audio format where a certain loss in quality is to be expected.

This article might be an interesting read. Also, if you enable downloads for your tracks, others will be able to download the exact same file that you've uploaded, so you might want to provide the uncompressed .wav file, or a higher quality mp3 file (e.g. 320kbps) in your download.