Random songs/linked/uploaded to my account, how to delete?

  • 24 March 2019
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so i was just checking my soundcloud page/profile, and noticed 3 tracks (so far) that somehow got linked or uploaded to my page, as if I'm that artist (strange) , the option to delete is grayed out and they also say:

  • This track is managed directly by its rightsholder.
  • Monetizing
  • This track is monetizing.

can anyone lead me the right way as to getting these 3 tracks off my profile? how does soundcloud just let anybody link their music to another artist?

these are the tracks (that somehow got put on my profile without my approval):


if you check my profile,. i obviously make house/techno, these tracks are obviously NOT me. Hope i can get some help with this, and hope you understand how annoying it is.

thanks ,

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