Random spikes in visual waveform not present elsewhere

  • 2 June 2015
  • 2 replies

hi i just uploaded a new track
and in i see on the waveform a few spikes that are not present elsewhere like in cubase, soundforge...

the louder parts of the song are on the flat side; these spikes dont represent the loudest parts of the track. Please help why? thanks

2 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for asking about this. The reason the waveform may appear different on SoundCloud and other Digital Audio Workstations like Cubase is because these tools are made to reflect the most accurate waveform visualisation of your music as you continue to produce, mix and master your work. While we're aiming at a similar accuracy, the main purpose of our waveform is to reflect an overview of the overall arrangement so your listeners can make comments accordingly.

I've listened to your track and it looks like the spikes shown whenever there's a Kickdrum in your track, correct?

hey Gina, thanks so much for getting back soon with reply

yes it does look like the spikes are on the kick drum,
but its odd where these spikes show up on the waveform
they are not the loudest parts of the track and there are lots
of other parts with the kick and without just as loud or louder
without spikes. The spikes show like a big contrast between the rest of the track as if
the song spikes 5db louder at those parts when the entire track is pretty uniform in volume and if one looks at the wave in a sequencer. so confused as why the waveform showing up like this,
i understand its not accurate as a sequencer but cant get my head around why so exaggerated at those specific points.