Re-Uploading Songs/Replacement Files

  • 3 February 2016
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I understand with Pro accounts that I can replace a file/song with an edited version without losing plays, comments etc which is great... but what I need to know now is when I hit 'Replace File' to swap out the old track for the new edited track that any links affiliated with the original track on blogs or websites wont be affected? Will those links still work seeing it is Soundcloud link from the original upload? I need to know that by replacing the song... that anything the song was affiliated with previously on-line will still work when people click on those posts from other websites? If so can I then assume that the coding affiliated with the original upload within Soundcloud all remains the same even when I replace it with the minor edited version (even if the edited track has a slightly different file name extension within my computer indicating it is a 'radio edit')? The name of the song on Soundcloud will remain the same but the file extension in my computer will have 'radio edit' attached to it when i re-upload.

2 replies

Hi I'm not really a computer guy and not sure exactly what you want me to test out above but that's OK. If you can just confirm within Soundcloud if I simply click 'replace file' and just grab the new file extension name from my computer for the edited version of the song it will swap it in for the old one and the code Soundcloud original gave it won't change therefore allowing the link which is associated with other websites to continue to work as normal but with the edited version of the song?
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Hi there,

Not a problem - as long as you replace the file, but leave everything else as it is, you'll be fine. I suggest you play around with this with a test track. Here's a html test site for you to test the embedded player easily. Just copy & paste the embed code and the player will show straight away. :-)

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