Receive messages from anyone feature not working

Hello, I have a problem in the settings of my Soundcloud account. apparently it has the Receive messages from anyone option deactivated, and whenever i try to activate it it doesn’t allow me to save it and when i reload the page its unmarked again. I tried with google chrome and with safari and nothing is working, therefore i wont be able to receive messages from anyone. As you can see in the pictures, when i select “YES”, there isn’t a “save changes” option, it automatically says that the changes have been saved, but that isn’t true because when i reload the page the option is again in “no”. PLEASE HELP!!!

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i'm having the same issue.
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Thanks for reporting. It's been forwarded to our engineers and they are looking into it. Thanks for hanging in there.
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Hi @Vinchantel and @j gil,

This has now been sorted and you should be able to toggle that switch properly again 🙂