Record Label Revenue

  • 8 December 2016
  • 2 replies

As a small record label, how is the best way to start getting revenue from my music, do i need to upload to a back end via a DMS ??

2 replies

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Premier: This has all of the features of Pro Unlimited, plus a little more:

An account manager who will help you make your account even better
Exclusive music promotion opportunities for your music and profile
The ability to make money on your SoundCloud music
Yes, the Premier option is the only way you can currently make money on SoundCloud. How do you get it? It is invite only at the moment, but they will be expanding it to everyone soon. If you weren’t invited already, SoundCloud has told artists what they can do right now to be ready when it opens up:

Be on good standing within the SoundCloud community
Have proven their ability to build an engaged audience
Be able to show their growth over time
Thank you Chris