Registration/Confirmation Email Never Arrives

  • 10 May 2019
  • 4 replies

I have resent email multiple times, used two seperate email address, checked spam folders. No sign of an email to confirm my registration. cannot upload tracks etc.

4 replies


im currently having the exact same issue. I’ve contacted soundcloud via emails and twitter and still no update or improvement. I need to post tracks and I’m unable to do so however I’m receiving emails regarding soundcloud community. Frustrating much ! I’ve literally done everything to rectify this annoying issue and I’m having no luck
By the time this issue is fixed I'll have my whole freaking EP finished, v unimpressed
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Hi @yenah,

Hmm, have you checked your spam / junk folder on your email account? From what I can see, you should have received an email just fine actually. I've just triggered for the confirmation email to be sent out again. Hope it arrives in your inbox safe and sound.

Same here, I've got a welcome email but no option to confirm my address. It's a really bad welcome to a new platform.

There should be a link on the upload tracks section of the app to explain it needs verified in the first place.

Can someone trigger the verification email for me please?