Removed Track Counting against Time Quota

  • 29 August 2015
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Hi, I had a mix removed due to copyright issues that is counting against my 6 hour pro plan total. I just uploaded a new track and now several others are hidden because of the 58 minute track that was removed. My total time should be less than that, but I can't do anything to delete it.
Please help, I am a pro user but do not need to go pro unlimited yet, especially not because of this error.

Thank you,


1 reply

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Hi there Daniel,

Thanks for getting in touch & sorry about the confusion here. Hmm, let's see - It looks like you've used up all 360 minutes of upload space allowed for Pro accounts, however excluding the track that was blocked. This is why some of your tracks are now hidden and you cannot upload more.

In order for all of them to appear on your account, you can either upgrade to a Pro Unlimited plan or delete some sounds to make space on your account for new uploads.

You can check out what tracks are hidden on your account here: To delete click to 'view hidden tracks' and hover your mouse over the track for the 'trash' icon to appear.

Hope I was able to clear things up for you!