Repost by SoundCloud - pay $30/$72/year to receive 80% of royalties??

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We’ve been invited to use the Repost by SoundCloud service as we get a lot of plays on our account.

Looking into this new feature, we see this:

Distribute unlimited tracks to Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram and more, while keeping 80% of your revenue

At present we use CD Baby and Distrokid for distribution of our artists.

This new SC feature interested us at first. We already pay around $72/year for an Pro Unlimited account as we have a lot of tracks by many different artists. If we can monetize for free without paying extra, why not sign up for it?

However, only keeping 80% of the royalties seems like a pretty poor deal when we’re already paying to have an account.

We were thinking of adding a couple of lesser-performing artists that are not included in our CD Baby and Distrokid rosters, but this new info is somewhat offputting.

We previously understood that users of Repost by SC keep all royalties, but this new information is on the signup page.

All things considered this doesn’t seem like a good deal at all. If the deal actually offered 100% royalties as we originally we’d have already signed up by now.

So tell us - why should we agree to this deal? There’s a lot in it for SC, but what’s in it for the user?

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