Reposts bug?

  • 16 October 2018
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Over the past 5 years of being a soundcloud use, I sometimes repost a song, then un-repost it to repost it later in order to have a desired flow of music on my profile. I have recently noticed that doing that doesn't change the arrangement and it just reposts back to the same position on my profile; this drives me nuts lol.


*Reposts song A*
*Reposts song B*

*Later find out song B flows better into song A than song A does to Song B*

*Un-reposts song B, then reposts Song B again so it becomes the new song A*

*Refreshes profile, sees the song(s) maintained it's original position*

*grows grey hair from stress*

Is there a way around this fixed song placement on a user's profile?? I'm very particular about this and it's annoying that you can't really manage/shuffle the order of your reposts

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