Reposts not showing up

  • 6 December 2017
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I just logged in this afternoon, like any other day, only to find all my reposts for tracks to be gone, including the ones from yesterday. The only thing I see reposted on my profile page are playlists. It was working just fine last night. I thought I could solve this issue by signing out and signing back on, but that didn't help. I even checked the mobile app too and found that I had the same exact issue as well. It doesn't stop there. I checked all my likes and found all the songs that I had "reposted" indicating they were reposted, but now they were nowhere to be found on my profile page. Why is that? This is very inconvenient for me. I like being able to view all my reposts for tracks to keep things organized. I don't want to have to dig up through all my likes to repost all of them. That's just too much work. I've been a long time user and never have I experienced this issue. Please tell me this can be fixed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

7 replies

sucks tbh happened same wimme
Same here!
me too, it’s been 10 hours.. i couldn’t be able to see or play my reposts..
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same. wtf is going on
sucks tbh happened same wimmeSame here!me too, it’s been 10 hours.. i couldn’t be able to see or play my reposts..
Update: It fixed for me the day after. All of my reposts have been recovered. Did it recover for you guys too?
same. wtf is going on Don't worry. Mine got fixed the next day. If it helps, this link should give you reassurance:
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it's been 4 days for me now & they're still not back. not sure what's going on but i guess the fix isn't working for everyone