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  • 31 January 2017
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Clicks and pops in tracks, but only on Safari. All OK on Firefox.. If you re-upload a problematic track Soundcloud puts clicks in exactly the same places. Definitely not there in the original files. Looks a lot like an incompatibility with the Apple version of MP3 streaming. It's 100% repeatable.

4 replies

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this is happening. I've been able to reproduce this from here indeed and have forwarded the query to our engineers for further investigation. Hoping to hear back from them soon.

Thanks for hanging in there.

I have a bit more input for you on this issue if you're interested. I paid for a month of the pro service just for the 'replace file' function and that has enabled me to do a direct comparison of the upload processing currently employed compared to that of a a year or so ago and there has definitely been an increase in this problem. Sadly I've replaced a bunch of tracks with better mixes but overall worse because of the artifacts. Annoying to say the least. This encoding issue has always been there but previously it was quite subtle and a lot of people might not have noticed. Now it bad enough to discourage me from doing any more file replacement or indeed any further uploads.

One question I'd like to ask is when you get to the bottom this will all clicking files need to be re-uploaded or will the streaming encodes be regenerated from the original WAV files?
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Hi there again,

Yikes - just realised I never followed up on this one. Our engineers have confirmed that this is something they've noticed from their end too (i.e., Safari playback on some tracks that have been replaced).

I cannot provide a roadmap for when this can be addressed on a global level, but rest assured this is on their list now.

Hi Mathis
I appreciate the update. It's not just replaced files BTW but it's certainly more common with them.
TBH I'm surprised more uploaders haven't noticed. I so regret updating the tracks I have. I'll certainly refrain from doing so again until I hear you've solved it. OK not ALL Mac users use Safari but a lot certainly do.