She broke a world record for traveling to every country the fastest

  • 5 January 2019
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Cassie De Pecol

She broke a world record for traveling to every country the fastest - and she was the first woman to document the journey.

You might think (considering she holds 2 world travel records) that Cassie De Pecol was born into an adventurous family or inherited a bunch of money.

Neither one is true.

In fact, when Cassie decided to take on an expedition to travel to every sovereign nation in the world (faster than anyone had ever done it), she had no idea how she was going to pay for it.

She nannies for a year and half, saving every penny before she left — and she still ran out of money 6 months into her journey.

So how on Earth did she make it happen?

That’s what I love about Cassie’s story.

She declared a huge dream, committed to it, and did whatever it took to make it happen.

Not only did she achieve her dream and break 2 world records, she found her passion for women’s achievement, founded a non-profit, and made a career for herself.

If you have a big dream, listen up to what is possible when you commit to it in Episode 493.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was your vision around doing this journey?
  • What did you go into this expecting and what actually happened?
In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What Cassie learned from being on a TV show about survival
  • How to deal with running out of resources before your goal is achieved
  • What opened up for Cassie when she educated herself about women’s achievement
  • Plus much more..

1 reply

in fact I wouldn’t repeat the record even if somebody would pay me a million of dollars… It’s due to the fact that there are different countries with different mentality of people, and, somewhere you may be met as a guest, somewhere as a friend and somewhere as an enemy… Moreover, my own experience tells me that the words I said are true because I remember when I had a trip to China as I considered that country to be a friendly one, but as it turned out, Beijing (the city I visited) was a dangerous place… Unfortunately, I found about it out only when I was in my hotel room and my friend sent me the link about safe travel abroad with the list of different countries including China where there said that Beijing was a city where you had to keep an eye out...