Shows I have 9 Tracks but none appear in feed or in admin tracks area

On my page on the right hand side where it says 'followers, following, tracks' it says I have 9 tracks. However in the main content area they don't display, it just says, "Seems a little quiet over here".

Likewise when I go to on the right hand side it says I have 9 tracks, but in the main area it doesn't display anything except, "You have 180 minutes left. Get more minutes to upload more."

They displayed when I initially uploaded them and but now nothing.. Any ideas?

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I waited an hour or two and it said I had no tracks so I re-uploaded them. Now the tracks are all displaying in the main area but on the right hand side areas it says i have 0 tracks.. so weird
Same problem for me in browser, 5 tracks available, none will show in the "tracks" or "all" or any portion of my profile. If I went to the other version of "tracks", from the dropdown menu under the username, I got to a list of my tracks where I can delete, add to playlist and, apparently, "edit" (that button isn't available). [Why those three feature buttons aren't integrated in the profile version of "tracks" beats me] I got a message saying that I was over my three hour limit, deleted the offending track and, voilĂ , problem solved.

As a sidenote, when my offending track was up I could open tracks on the Soundcloud Android App thanks to the fact I followed the only link I could find which was only available when I had directly uploaded a track from my phone. But I could not play any of them : it just said "Not Playable, track cannot be streamed". I could play music which isn't mine fine.

Here's to "hoping" that all of this is indeed because you're over your free time allowance on Soundcloud.