Something about Soundcloud's converter or player is adding sound clipping to parts of my song

  • 1 February 2017
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I uploaded a track I just finished and it sounded great until I uploaded it. Now there are clipping sounds around some of the transitions... anyone know why and how to fix this. I have the track as downloadable and when downloaded the clipping stops. There is no sign of clipping in the original as well. Only through the SC player.

Here is a link to my track,,,

examples of clipping can be heard at 1:29 and 2:59

I really hate the one at 2:59 it screws the flow up

If anyone can help with this I'll be incredibly thankful.

5 replies

A little late but...

Did you upload your track as a WAV file? If so, the issue maybe during when Soundcloud compresses the track to an MP3 (Making it a smaller file, faster to play on the web.)When an uncompressed audio file undergoes compression, rounding errors get introduced and creates extra noise that then gets added to the mixes, resulting in clipping. After downloading your track, I as well did notice that there was no clipping in it due to the fact that it gets download as a lossless WAV file.

This can be avoided in mastering by leaving as much as 1 -3 db in headroom before exporting. If you use something like Izotope Ozone, try using the codec preview section to see what your mix will sound like when it's compressed. Hope this helps, great track BTW!
@MEZMO This is not a headroom issue, at least in my case. @Dave's Free Beats @LOVE CAN'T DIE Have you guys found an real solution to this?
Did anyone find a solution in the end for the clipping?
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Hi there,

Is this still happening? Have you tested different browsers? Or, is this happening on the mobile app(s) maybe?

Eitherway, if this requires further investigation, please make sure to provide as much information as possible - your device, operating system, browser, what you've done to troubleshoot this, steps to reproduce, and the URL to the track. (thanks for providing this already @Dave)