Sound quality is Wishy Washy

  • 2 June 2017
  • 4 replies

Sound I have uploaded sound like they are playing under water, especially the drums / hi-hats. Its like the quality has been turn down to min. My music now sounds in-bearable - Help Please

4 replies

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Hi there Gear,

Hmm, I can listen to your tracks just fine actually - they don't sound like they're playing under water.

Is this still the case for you, and if so, which devices / browsers have you tested?

It sounds different than an MP3 / WAV played on my desktop. I am using Microsoft edge ATM. The under water effect is most noticeable on the drum sounds especially hi-hats. I will try another browser
This is because Soundcloud compresses the audio to a 128kbps MP3. MP3 is a lossy compression so these are artifacts. The problem is that Soundcloud doesn't want to upgrade it to something better like OGG or Opus, so we'd have to stick to this.
Thanks for that, it sounded a little better on Chrome but not much, I have started to try and upload WAV so it only compresses once. SC should use a better quality compression - 128KPs is so 1990s