Sound Quality of Uploads

  • 22 December 2017
  • 8 replies

Every time I upload a song, the high end sounds really compressed (mostly the hi hats). I’ve tried everything including lowering the ceiling, lowering volume, and I’ve looked for tips on how to sound better everywhere. No matter what I do, my tracks always come out poorly mixed and muddy. Can anyone help me?

8 replies

@Ins Ided I've also been having this issue for about a month and tried the same fixes as you with no luck - have you found any resolution?
Same thing here. I don't upload, but have experienced breaking of high-pitch sounds all over the place. Problem does not occur with youtube, or 3rd party apps accessing soundcloud. Must be the webplayer. I would like to report this, but do not know where to turn?! Is there an alternative webplayer?

FYI I believe it to be most recognizable with Fred V and Grafix - Stay here. Compare Youtube and 3rd party to webplayer and you will hear the breaking/hissing of the high-end sound. I also used 3 sound systems to make sure. Same results
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Same here, but if I log out and go in as a non registered user it sounds fine, this has been going on for months and I have already complained about it but nothing has been done as of yet...
Did the same. Opened a ticket on the topic on Soundcloud Support. Let's hope they investigate the issue.

Interestingly enough, Solo Greebo's logoff-trick does help °_° what the hell? What does the login-status have to do with it?

Thanks a lot for the tip! I am truly amazed man!

Edit: ...I cannot quite process this discovery. My faith in all things has been fundamentally shattered just now xD
My ticket has been closed. Still no reply from Support. what happened?

Edit: I just checked on the sound while logged in and it seems fixed. Let's hope this is permanent 😃 but for now I am super happy.

My apologies to customer Support for rating the ticked as unsatisfying. I tried to revert, but there were only "good" and "bad" options. I stated to change the rating after receiving support, but it turns out that that is not possible anymore. So: sorry for that 🙂
@Aggrobatics They quietly switched back to mp3 after all this news came out, but the SoundCloud embedded players are still loading in the grainy 64kbps Opus format.
I'm sorry, I am not quite following. From what you are saying it sounds like nothing has changed? What exactly is using mp3 now?

Apart from that, despite using webplayer, the auditive compression fragments seem to have disappeared for good on my end 🙂