Soundcloud added duplicate songs to my profile without my permission

  • 17 December 2019
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I noticed a few weeks ago there was another account with my artist name, which i assumed to be a spam account. I contacted Soundcloud to see if they could remove it.

About 10 days later I received a reply from Soundcloud which explained this was an automatically generated account with my previous releases on it, it wasn’t possible to delete it and I’d have to contact my distributor if I wanted to delete them.

That was fine but for some reason, Soundcloud also added the songs to my profile and closed down the other account. I couldn’t believe it, they made no effort to ask me first if I wanted the profiles merged - I would have said no.

My profile now has several duplicate songs and some songs I don't want to promote on my Soundcloud page, most of which have hardly any plays.

This is incredibly annoying as I have my third release coming out in a month and my Soundcloud page looks completely unprofessional at the moment.

I replied immediately to Soundcloud to reverse it asap and put those songs back in a separate profile but have not received a response after 8 days, and I have chased it up.

This is clearly not acceptable as Soundcloud should have consulted me before merging the accounts. I thought I was doing the right thing by alerting them to the second profile.

I’d be grateful for advice. Has anyone else had this resolved, and how long does it take? What are the response times for Soundcloud Support? I can see on the forum that this was a particular issue a couple of years ago when they launched Soundcloud Go but I haven’t seen many recent cases.

if It’s not addressed I will just delete my Soundcloud page for good.


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