Soundcloud compression?

Does Soundcloud limit (or compress) the bit rate of the mp3 when it is uploaded? In other words, is the recording altered by soundcloud in any way , shape or form?

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Hi there,

This article on our help center summarises it. In short, we don't normalise or compress / limit the audio, however all uploads are encoded into 128kbps mp3 audio files, which can have an effect on the audio in some cases.
Thank you, Mathis. Must one have a Pro Subscription in order to upload at the original bit rate? Or is youtube the only one with "HD" audio?
I read the literature you suggested. My response: If Soundcloud offered higher (or original) bit rates as part the Soundcloud program, that would be better than forcing the listener to download the recording to get better quality. Don't you agree? Indeed, Youtube offers different quality options for no charge.