Soundcloud is stuck on processing for 2 days now. Please fix this!!!

  • 8 December 2018
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Dear Soundcloud your website doesn't work properly for two days.

I've uploaded and re-uploaded the same tracks countless times since yesterday and the same problem: transcoding takes forever!! It is becoming very annoying I have to say, especially for a pro-user.

Please look into this!


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7 replies

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Sorry this has given you a hard time back in December. I'm catching up on some older topics on the community and just came across this. Looks like this was a temporary issue on SoundCloud's end which got fixed in the meantime.

Closing this topic accordingly.
same here, the track im trying to upload is roughly 4MB and it's been processing for over a day now
I am currently transfering all songs to, there is even an automatic transfer for songs from soundcloud, nothing to do
3 Days and this problem still has not been fixed or even adressed, wtf is this shit...
Same issue here! I'm a pro unlimited user and transcoding just continues for hours and hours... I tried it several times since friday with different files... After transcoding for more than 12 hours I gave up...
What's wrong with you Soundcloud???
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This is just a shit company smh.
Same here! Hope it gets fixed soon. I am still waiting for a reply of the tech support.