Soundcloud link not working in instagram story

  • 27 January 2019
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I've just tried the new add souncloud link to instagram story on my iPhone. When I look at the instagram story the sound cloud bubble is there however I can't click on it or my users can't click on it to be taken to the sound cloud track. Can someone please help to see if there is an iPhone embedding issue.

9 replies

Same problem for me. Clicking on the bubble with soundcloud just closes the story for me.
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Hi there,

Apologies about this - I've been able to reproduce this from my end and our engineers have been informed. We hope this can soon be addressed and fixed.

Thanks for hanging in there.
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Thanks for the quick update. Please can you keep us in the loop many thanks!
Oh, I never thought the bubble could open the link.
But you have to select "more info" and "listen on SoundCloud" I think. That's how I used it.
Ideally, yes. Clicking the icon should open it, that would be much more useful. I would use the feature more if that were the case.
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Ok there has been some improvement in that the option in white letters with the track at the top comes up in the story. You click on this and it gives the option “open on soundcloud” after that it just exits the story.

Can we have an IOS fix on this please?
Will you be improving this so that the audio starts as soon as you open the story on Instagram? If so, I will definitely start using this feature more.
Hello! i still have a problem... i m trying to share a track on instagram story and there is nothing.. just the cloud with the name of the track but not link.. no additional pop up “open on soundcloud”.. nothing just do not do anything!!!!!
Yes, the issue is still there.
Issue still exists today.