Soundcloud upload keeps on restarting, what's going on guys?

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I am trying to upload a mix since yesterday but the upload keeps on restarting. I have tried the following things:

1) Different browsers
2) Switch to classic uploader
3) Ethernet cable as opposed to WiFi to make the connection more stable
4) Decrease file size, convert from 320kbps to 192kbps.

What is going on? It used to happen in the past that my upload was restarting, but usually only once and now it keeps restarting over and over again. I am trying to upload all day, the upload speed is very slow too.

Is there any way the uploader can be improved so this does not keep happening? It's very frustrating.

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Resolved after countless tries
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Hi Filip,

Thank you for getting in touch & sorry about the troubles with this. Good to hear you managed to upload it after all. We'll let our engineers know about this to see if the uploading / transcoding process can be improved further.

The steps you've taken were absolutely right - a checklist for further troubleshooting steps can be found here. Should you continue to experience such issues, please feel free to let us know via email here and attach the track & explain your issue briefly, referring to the help forum as well. Our support team can then try to get this sorted quickly from our end, before looking further into the root cause.

HeyI'm having the same problem, I had the same problem this year already and other friends have had it also... We all did like Filip, but at the end it's a luck nowadays to manage to upload a dj/liveset on soundcloud !!
Hi, I'm having this same problem at the moment with different browsers & computers, both new & classic uploader, both wav & mp3 formats across multiple days.
Hi, I'm having this same problem at the moment with different browsers & computers, both new & classic uploader, both wav & mp3 formats across multiple days.
A personal track rather than DJ set though.
I've been trying to upload 2 tracks since Friday, 3 total and one finally uploaded. The size keeps changing too. It starts off at 400MB and after getting to about 40% it changes to 1200mb.
I can't upload anything. It keeps starting over or stalling. I have also tried the classic version and it did the same thing.
It has started happening to me since a buy a Unlimited Pro Plan, what a disapointing way to thanks your customers....
yeah been trying so hard but its only getting worse, I giveup
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Trying to upload a 5 MB track. Progress bar quickly moves a bit past halfway and then backs up to one third complete and stalls. Tried about a dozen times so far yesterday and today without luck. 😞
I'm having the same problem uploading. I've tried countless times over several days and on keeps on restarting after getting to 50/60% .... anyone know of a fix ???
Browser related stuff, cookies, ad-blocker, another browser didn't help for me. I finally got it uploaded in another file-format: same track in ogg-format worked, flac didn't - kept restarting.
Flac always worked earlier. So it's probably an issue with specific file-formats _and_ file length? Or some meta-data?
I still get the same problem, none of the fixes work accept sometimes it will randomly just decide to work