Stream and notifications not working

This fault started yesterday. I have tried to access my account 3 different laptops and different browsers and my iPhone and I get the same fault on each device.

When I select STREAM or press the NOTIFICATIONS button in Soundcloud I get the error:

Sorry, something went wrong.

I then getting a spinning wheel for 10 seconds and then the same error message.

I reported this to SoundCloud yesterday afternoon, but no reply.

Can anyone help?



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Hi Phil, whilst I cannot advise a fix to this I have exactly the same issue, its been 5 days now with no notifications or stream.. I see you posted this 23 days ago, have you managed to solve this issue at all?
Hi Riccy, I received an email from SoundCloud technical support team, I send them a message after I posted this. It was fixed within about 24 hours. Have you reported the fault?
same. shits annoying.
Hi Phil, thanks for the prompt reply! No, i have no idea how to do that?
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Hi there,

I'm looking into some older topics at the moment and came across this - @Riccy Tango & @TW1GZ are you all set or does this issue persist?