Stream Not Updating?


my stream isn't updating and I can't see the new tracks people I follow have already uploaded in the past days.

Thanks in advance


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+1 Same problem here! Ger
Same problem, can't see the new tracks from the people I follow
I can't see any kind of updating, notifications too
Same here.
Also here in Germany.
Same in italy
Same here in Germany
my streaming is also not updating, I can see music from four days ago only (Portugal)
same here...germany....whats going on with soundcloud? fix that!
Hey there, have the same problem here in germany
All post and reposts i see in my stream a 3-4 days old. Notification came with 2 days delay.
Contacted support and got same answer as the one in this thread - shame on support !!!
But solution did NOT work.
Problem exists on Desktop and mobile app.
it is working again 🙂 🙂 🙂
Of course - thank you. Will see how long
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Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, the service to properly display and update the Streams of some of our users was compromised over the weekend. This has now been fixed so you should all be set.

Apologies about the inconvenience this may have caused.

All the best