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  • 25 February 2019
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I am an independet soundcloud pro user and using soundcloud und uploading original music since more than 8 years. I am a professional artist and producer, who chose soundcloud and uploaded more than 5 hours of original music. 6 years ago I uploaded 2 official remixes, that i made and actually had a deal that i may upload it. In case of one (major release), i suppose i got some kind of strike, but the case seems to be solved. I also never had the chance to just delete it. i don't care anymore if it is on soundcloud or not. I can not see if i got a strike anywhere. But i wonder if i will now get any troubles in using soundcloud premier. I don't know where to contact soundcloud except of here. maybe someone can helpe me. I would love to use soundcloud premier soon and waiting for this option for years and years.


0 replies

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