Struggling To Upload Both Song Images and Profile Photos. Anyone else?

Hi all,

Having issues with uploading song images / profile photo for the past 3 days, and I wanted to see if anyone else is struggling?

Tried on three different systems, both mac + windows, been through the traditional steps (updating flash, incognito mode, removing plugins, refreshing and re-installing, erasing cache and cookies) nothing seems to work. I click the desired image, and no preview is shown, and I can't save anything.

Help is greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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Same problem here. This happened like a month ago and I don't remember what fixed it (likely time).
Weird...I'd think this would be a larger problem, but I can only find yourself and my producer having problems. Hopefully Soundcloud explain what's going on sharpish.
I bet a lot of people are having this problem. I assume after one post in this forum the user realizes it's a useless waste of time and start looking for a host that can be contacted. I tried uploading new tracks and pictures can't be added to any of them, not just the track I uploaded yesterday. Has nothing to do with my browser. I've tried all 3 on multiple computers with identical results.
Same here and it's irritating lol
Stay strong team! Expected a Soundcloud admin by now but it's all quiet on their front...
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Hi there everyone,

Hmm, I believe this might have been a temporary glitch - are you now able to upload images properly again? If this still does not work, please run our basic troubleshooting steps as outlined here on our Help Center.

Fluke that it started working again. You're standard help procedures HAVE NEVER HELPED ANYONE FIX ANY ISSUE. 99% of the people posting here have tried that generic garbage before they bothered to post here.
I have the same problem, and nothing has happened when following the standard steps! I'm trying to upload both a song and an image, and when i click on save, it just goes back to the basic info and then i can click on save again, and the same happens.
- What is happening Soundcloud!???

Appreciate the reply but we are still in the same hole. None of the above steps work or having been working for some time for many other users. It's damaging, we need the support.
It is not possible to upload any file for us. Also we can't see any pictures of older files ...