Stuck on "This track is being processed"

  • 21 March 2017
  • 4 replies

Three of my tracks are stuck on "This track is being processed" and have been stuck on this for 6 days. I need this issue resolved asap as it is part of an assessment due in a couple of days

4 replies

Cancel the downloads and re-upload — give that a try hopefully it'll work.
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Hi there,

It looks like you've already made multiple failed attempts. Please see here on our help center of further troubleshooting steps:

Same here iv'e got about 6 tracks that im trying to upload and add to my new LP, but they are all just saying "The tracks is being processed. Please help if you can.
im having problem as well. its so frustrating. no matter what i do, reupload, private it and then un-private it. add metadata. just let the sound upload first. nothing works.