Stuck on 'we are processing your track for playback'

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So the track does upload, however the quality is ruined. I upload wav files. It was fine a few hours ago, I don't know what has gone wrong. Replacing songs does the same thing.

i just paid for a pro membership ffs...if i can't upload I'm getting my money back

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Having the same issue right now, cant upload any track just get the "We are processing your track for playback…" Just paid for pro too, this is super annoying.
Stuck with the same issue, Soundcloud must be down atm.
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I tweeted @SCsupport... Nothing yet but a few more tweets from others experiencing this issue probably wouldn't hurt!
Could it be that this wasn't resolved for hours??
Yep, it wasn't resolved and soundcloud has not come out with an official statement or messaged me back on twitter.
More than 20 times that we tried to replace a file or upload it: Nothing is working!

With a pro account, it doesn't smell good at all!!

By the way, we upload with the same format since years.. So??
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It's still down for gods sake.... I tweeted soundcloud yesterday and they didn't reply back
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It's working again guys!!!! 😃
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Hello there,

Apologies about the troubles with this - our engineers let us know that there was an issue with uploads being stuck in processing, which has now been solved, so you should be all set.

Thanks for hanging in there & all the best

it is broken again :0

wont work now


same here. any mod going to get onto it?

same problem happening right now. can’t finish the process and i have a release scheduled for today. urgh

Wassup with it? Why it aint working ?