stupid changes at SoundCloud

  • 5 May 2020
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It used to be that you could get direct support from sound cloud and get an answer to a question from someone at Sound cloud. Now you have to go to a list of articles that never answer the question you need answered. This is bad support. 

I haven't been on SoundCloud for a while due to medical reasons. Now I have come back to it and much has changed.

For instance I used to see a button that said "My Tracks" and when that was selected I would be taken to only those tracks I recorded and downloaded. Now it's no where in sight. 

Also, I don't know how I got to it, but in a list of tracks I've listened to is something I never listened to before and can't delete it. It's a recording of some kind of sales training.

So how do I get to My Tracks and how do I delete this thing I never listened to.ln addition SoundCloud seems to be making suggestions of music I might like. SoundCouds suggestions are horrible and I hate everything suggested to me and I would like it to stop please.

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