Surround sound 5.1 upload problem - no, is NOT my browser/flash/HTML5

  • 29 May 2015
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Surround sound 5.1 upload problem - no, is NOT my browser/flash/HTML5, is a secret about file format you know and we need to know in order to upload hiq content on your website, make you popular

Simple example: this link:
play nicely on my browser with my particular setup.
Then, my uploads, like this:
does not play 5.1, but stereo. This file is a 6 track wav file exported from Cubase and DOES play 5.1 on my desktop with any player available.
I have also tryed an ac3 encoded file, with no success. It also plays stereo.

So , since on the same browser, on the same hardware machine, on the same day, minute, second, the first file (beautifulnoise user) is played 5.1 and myne is played stereo, there is a secret about the file format export for soundcloud upload.

Could you, please, share with us this secret?

We just want to upload HQ 5.1 content on your website, but we can't do that without your support.
Just give us the secret and everybody will be happyer.

Thank you,
Yours Noise.

2 replies

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have you asked the owner of the first track?
What do you think ?