Terrible audio quality on playbaack

  • 3 February 2017
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The audio quality across the board on playback in the Soundcloud iOS app has gotten incredibly terrible and unnacceptable over the past 6 months. I have been an avid and loyal user of Soundcloud for 4 years now. And it has only recently been that I've noticed the abhorrent audio quality. Non-coincidentally, the audio quality dropped since the announcement of the paid subscriptions. It became absolutely unacceptable once ads started invading the playback space.

Soundcloud engineering, any plans to fix this and stop losing loyal customers? This is absolutely not motivating me to give you any of my money.

4 replies

I would also really like to get an answer to this. I have also been an extremely avid user for a long time now. I was almost going to pay for a subscription when I started experiencing this same issues and I refuse to give them my money if this problem continues...
i am also a paying customer and have the exact same issue with a personal track i have uploaded.. this issue only pops up in the soundcloud mobile app for iPhone..only on the iPhone speaker!! (Not headphones or desktop or even other platforms via Wavo which is through a soundcloud link!!)

Frustrating to say the least. Phase is not the issue as other threads suggest as i have fixed that issue. this is a Soundcloud app issue. here is the link via soundcloud:

and Wavo via soundcloud(Where it plays fine):

Use the website, on an actual computer, with headphones (not Eraserhead-style 'earbuds') or loudly pre-amped external speakers. Never use the Soundcloud 'app' or any other.
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There, fixed it for you.
I have to bump this topic.

For the past few days, the sound quality of any track played via my Soundcloud account has been horrible. Crackling, clicks, dropouts... just awful and painful.

Please note that I'm listening via high-quality headphones connected to an audio interface and no other app or software or website is causing me similar problems.

Please help